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Great importance is attached to the quality of the staff at Acharyakulam. Trained, highly qualified and experienced teachers are appointed to impart education. Compassion, devotion to duties, good manners, helpfulness, dedication and strong belief in spiritualism are some of the prerequisites of teachers at Acharyakulam.

Enhancement of teachers’ skills is a constant phenomenon here. Since teachers live on the campus, there is an open teacher-taught interaction. The teachers interact with the students to give them the much-needed academic and emotional support to make them feel at home.

Department: Vedic

Acharya Bhupendra

Acharyaa Shalini Ji

Acharya Rahul Ji

Acharya Prafull Ji

Acharyaa Priyamvada Ji

Acharya Jasudev Ji

Acharya Praveen Ji

Acharya Jitender Kumar Ji

Department: English

Acharya Biswanath Ji

Acharyaa Rashmi Ji

Acharya Ankur Ji

Acharya Ankur Ji

Department: Hindi

Acharya Ajay Ji

Acharyaa Deepa Ji

Acharyaa Vandana Ji

Department: Maths

Acharya Amrendra Ji

Acharyaa Ekta Ji

Acharya Akhilesh Ji

Acharyaa Shikha Ji

Acharya Prashant Ji

Acharya Gaurav Ji

Acharya Rohit Ji

Department: Science

Acharyaa Shalini Ji

Acharyaa Punam Ji

Acharya Bhanu Ji

Acharyaa Bhawana Ji

Acharyaa Seema Ji

Acharyaa Ankita Ji

Acharya Deepak Ji

Department: Social Science

Acharya Tapas Ji

Acharya Shailendra Ji

Acharyaa Tara Ji

Acharya Vishal Ji

Acharya Anurag Ji

Acharya Shailesh Ji

Acharyaa Bharti Ji

Acharya Bhaskar Ji

Acharya Mohit Ji

Department: Visual & Performing

Acharyaa Deepti Ji

Acharya Ramchandra Ji

Acharya Himanshu Ji

Acharyaa Snehil Ji

Acharya Sanjay Ji

Acharya Govind Ji

Acharyaa Geetika Ji

Acharya Kamal Kumar Ji

Department: Computer Science

Acharya Ashok Ji

Acharyaa Indu Ji

Department: Physical Education

Acharya Amit Ji

Acharya Sachin Ji

Acharyaa Asha Ji

Acharyaa Deepanshi Ji